Whether you are buying a property to flip, or to cash-flow, Blueprint Real Estate Group is your go-to Brokerage. Our team of investment agents find the best deals in the marketplace. With our specialized knowledge in property investment for short, medium or long-term gain, we help you identify and acquire your ideal property for a successful real estate portfolio. We are your blueprint for real estate investing. Contact us today to get on our list for under market properties in the Central Florida area. 

Are you an out of state/overseas investor that wants a cash-flowing rental portfolio in the booming Central Florida marketplace? We work with a team of contractors, designers, plumbers, electricians, home inspectors, kitchen installers, and we can oversee all aspects of your property renovation to make it rent ready. We can then place a tenant and oversee the property management of your rental. We are a one-stop shop Investment Brokerage and ensure your real estate needs are in great hands! 

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